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 The Project (Photo of Child with Heart Problems)

We find parents struggling to find the means to care for their suffering or dying child. We pay for their children’s surgeries and also help them coordinate pre and post care. Most of the types of surgeries we support are heart or lung and orthopedic.   

 The Children (Father Asking For Help to Save His Dying Daughter)

The children we see are ages 1 month to 15 years and have lost all hope of being cured. They are usually not able to play and are restricted to just thinking about their illness.  

 The Result (Prior Heart Patient Now in College) 

Imagine for the cost of a group dinner with friends we can help a parent save their child’s life. Most importantly we can give a child back their childhood and they go on to play, learn and grow like normal children. 








Community Outreach

The Projects (Photo of a Families Straw Home)

Band of Brothers funds a community outreach program that searches for very poor families to see what can be done to make their life more productive. The project on this page is to build a new home for this partially blind mother Be Thi Le and her son Don Van Le early next year.

The Families (Mother and Son with Band of Brothers)

Our local people on the ground screen families to ensure they have a verifiable need. The circumstance that puts a family into absolute poverty can be a death, health problems or an absent father. The single 48 year old mother earns .25 to .75 cents a day depending on how many mats she weaves. Her son 12 years old and in 6th grade also has the same eye condition slowly blinding him.

The Result (Her Only Possessions)

We provide the families with solutions that will have a lasting improvement to their lives. We plan on building this mother a home early next year. Having a bathroom, kitchen, electricity and water will save her time and the electricity will allow her to make more mats so she won’t have to beg for food when she runs out of money. She has lived in this home exposed to bugs and rats for 33 year. Less than $2000 will completely change her life forever.

Hai Chou Orphanage

The Project

Support 25 children at Hai Chou Orphanage. This area of Vietnam has one of the largest numbers of street children with a high incidence of child trafficking. Our project was aimed at providing basic and advanced child care.

The Children

Prior to outside assistance, Hai Chau Orphanage was a hopelessly cold place where the children were poorly cared for and under loved. They had lost their spark. The 1-3 person staff caring for 25 children was overworked, underpaid and left without adequate funding to care for the children beyond basic levels. The strained environment left no time for play and affection. Without proper support and development, the children were in danger of turning to life on the street.

The Result

We have committed to funding the orphanage’s daily costs, and providing not only bare essentials, but proactive care in nutrition, sports, education and love. Our goal is to support and protect the children as well as provide various resources, including inexpensive medical treatments, vocational learning including English, and computers to prepare the children for adult life.

Why Vietnam

The Band of Brothers chose to work in Vietnam to support children and families living in absolute poverty.  To do our part in keeping high risk children out of the child trafficking market and to look beyond a time when America and Vietnam were enemies and be part of what connects our two countries. 

Today Vietnam is at the Hub of highest incidence of child trafficking in the world and some of the poorest rural conditions for children in Asia.  It is believed that the largest perpetrators operate out of the once lawless Cambodia and prey on the rural poor living in Indo China including Vietnam.   Even though the Vietnamese government has cracked down on child trafficking it has had minimal impact.  It is estimated by the Human Rights Information Network that thousands of abducted Vietnamese children a year are shipped around the world and sold for $100-$300 USD as child brides, sex or work slaves. 

The Band of Brothers Foundation supports orphanages and community centers in which we can operate and find children and families in desperate need for help.  Supporting poor families, children and orphans helps protect them and keep them out of the sights of traffickers.  We are fortunate to be partnered with one of the only USA 501c3 to be registered as an approved NGO in Vietnam.    

The people of Vietnam are surprisingly warm and friendly to Americans and welcome Americans as tourist, businesspeople and partners to help under privileged children.  We can see that our efforts will bring our two counties closer together.  Most Vietnamese (68% of the population) were born after the war and the people that were born during the war see the war as an unfortunate incident that they wished never happened.  




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Heroes Needed in Burma

$500 field medicine for 100
$10,600 Home for 40 children
$20,000 UN Resolution to Save Kids

Why Burma?

Heroes Needed in Vietnam

$375 Orphan Care 360 days
$800 Heart Surgery
$1400 Family Home
Why Vietnam?

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